Our Story

In 1991, local activist Michael Kalmanovitch opened a store in the Strathcona neighborhood of Edmonton that would serve as a hub for like-minded individuals to source products that were tricky to find at the time. The densely packed and filled-to-the-brim space wasn't enough to meet the appetite of the growing number of vegetarians and environmentally-conscious consumers in the city, however, so in 2010 the store relocated to a larger space that would be able to carry food items as well, and the business evolved. This is the building we are still in today.

Michael devoted many passion-driven years of his life to his business while keeping the focus on doing good in the world, building community, and encouraging people to shift their thinking to a more inclusive vision of how we consume products, engage with our environment, and incorporate stewardship into all aspects of our lives. Flash forward to 2022, and Michael has decided to pass on the baton and spend his retirement more fully focussed on finding ways to push boundaries to make way for a more sustainable future for all of us. EGS is now owned by a non-profit corporation, called the Ethical Community Organizers of Edmonton, or ECOE for short. ECOE's mission is to help ensure that ethical organizations built with heart can remain in our communities, and strive to keep alive Michael's vision for the store of helping people answer their call to Think Globally, and Act Locally.

As Edmonton's only non-profit grocery retailer, our focus is on providing a service unlike any other grocery store in the city. You can gain a sense of security knowing that our business still stands because of - and for - our loyal customers and people wanting to make a difference in the world, and any profits we make are guaranteed to stay within our cherished store and our community, so that we can continue to serve you to the very best of our ability.