Membership, Points, Customer Appreciation Day, FAQs

  • Q. I have points from EGS' historical point system. Can they still be redeemed if I buy membership?
    A. Yes, you can choose to use a point redemption or your new membership discount for each order, but they cannot be applied simultaneously to the same order.
  • Q. I am not yet sure if I want to buy the EGS membership. Can I still use the points system?
    A. Yes. If you are not yet sure about whether you want to buy membership, you can use your current point system (or open a point system loyalty account).
  • Q. Will there still be a customer appreciation day?
    A. Yes. We are moving customer appreciation days to once per month for the upcoming months. Starting in April, every first Tuesday of the month is customer appreciation day.
  • Q. Can I buy an EGS membership after April 19th?
    A. Yes! However, the tree selection will only be available up to April 19th, or while supplies last thereafter.
  • Q. How long does my EGS membership last?
    A. One year from the date of purchase.

Membership benefits:

  • 10% discount on all your purchases at EGS for one year
  • support EGS and its ecological mission
  • subscription to our new EGS Newsletter
  • discount on any EGS talks/events, for one year.
  • Buy an EGS Membership

EGS membership is non-refundable.

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