Our Products

We specialize in organic, local, fair trade, plant-based, and low waste products. We carry 500+ bulk products, organic and/or local produce, a vast range of health supplements, eco-friendly cleaning and personal care products, household products, vegan and vegetarian alternatives, and organic dairy, making us a one stop shop for the conscious consumer's daily needs.

We have a product policy that we follow to determine which products we carry that align with our core values and beliefs, to avoid greenwashing, and ensure that every product on our shelves is chosen intentionally. Some of the issues that inform our purchasing decisions include environmental, ethical, nutritional, and economic considerations. While we would like to make perfect choices in all of these areas with every product we stock, we recognize that we live in an imperfect world, and different consumers have different needs that we do our best to meet. As such, we strive to meet the needs of a diverse range of community members, including those with specific dietary needs, those seeking to reduce their environmental impact, those supporting families, those on a tighter budget, and those with health concerns to name a few.

Our purpose in articulating our core values is to help us evaluate products to decide whether or not to sell them, to communicate to our customers our reasoning as to why we may or may not stock certain products, and to give customers the peace of mind of knowing that anything they may purchase from us has been sourced responsibly to alleviate the guesswork of shopping ethically.

There are several reasons why we may not carry a product: if the product is not available for sale at the time, if our core values condemn the practices applied in their production or distribution, or if we are participating in a boycott to exert pressure on a corporation to change their actions. If a product is not stocked, it may not necessarily mean any of the above. We may be carrying a better alternative, we may have decided that its negative aspects significantly outweigh the positive ones, or it may simply not sell well enough to warrant stocking. In these cases, we can often fill out a special order request to sell a product directly to the customer, so long as it is available through our suppliers.